Today is Thursday, 30 Jun 2016

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Now is the Time!

The application process is over. Now is the time to get ready to operate a station!

The opportunity to apply for an LPFM radio station has passed. For those who have applied and are waiting, there are still so many things to think about, so many questions for new applicants. After applying (but before getting permission to go on the air), there is so much to do! Most applicants focus on the wrong things during this waiting period, and once they get their permit, are overwhelmed with trying to plan, raise money, build a studio, put equipment on a tower, and more.

This is not a waiting period! This is a planning period. It is time to really get your operational plans done. Our book will help you become fully prepared.

Is This Book Real?

Perhaps it is because it is difficult to believe that someone would write such a comprehensive guide to LPFM. Others might have a doubt due to the number of internet scams out there. In any case, we decided to post highly amateur photographs of the book to alleviate any concerns.



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